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New Detached Homes in BC New Detached Homes in BC
Are there any new affordable detached homes available on the market? In a market mainly driven by condominium developments, finding an affordable detached house in BC doesn’t always come easy.    More >>

Consider a Mortgage Broker Consider a Mortgage Broker
Your bank and other large financial lenders can easily fit you into a mortgage. Another alternative is to use a Mortgage Broker.    More >>

Vancouver: Most Livable City!
Once again, Vancouver has been ranked the “most livable city” in the world. Vancouver has been ranked the best place to live in the world for the fifth year in a row in a survey by the Economist magazine    More >>

Building Green in BC
With the surge in everything environmental these days, it is only natural that real estate builders and developers would begin to take notice and start a move towards “greening the market.”    More >>

Buying in Victoria
In February 2007, 208 condos were sold – mostly within the city of Victoria proper. Median price: $262,500. As the homes get larger, people start moving outside of the city.    More >>

Stratas in BC, Alberta, Ontario Learn About Stratas
With the housing market in BC, Ontario, and Alberta at a high point, more and more people are choosing to get into the real estate market by buying into a strata or condominium corporation, instead of traditional detached homes.    More >>

Asking the Right Questions when Visiting a Showroo Asking the Right Questions when Visiting a Showroom
So you’ve done your homework and narrowed it down to a handful of promising new condominium projects and you’re now ready to visit their showrooms.    More >>

New Homes Surrey BC Surrey the City of Parks and New Homes!
Surrey the City of Parks and New Homes! With the demand for new homes in BC continuing to rise, one of the most up-and-coming places to buy a new home in the greater Vancouver area is the "City of Parks" Surrey, the largest city in the Province...    More >>

The Loft Living Lifestye
Lofts in Vancouver and Toronto have come a long way from housing storage and starving artists in the early 20th century – they now are one of the hottest choices for a residence and have taken the market by storm.    More >>

Condo Living
There are so many benefits to living in a condominium from the elimination of yard work and upkeep to the varying benefits of living in a close neighbourhood; living within a new condo development geared towards your age group, financial bracket...    More >>

The impact of the 2010 Olympics on housing in Vancouver, Whistler and the rest of BC
The 2010 Olympics may still be three years away from Vancouver, Whistler and the rest of BC, but many plans and projects are already well under way and changes can be seen all over the lower mainland...    More >>

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