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Condo Living

Thinking of buying a new condo in Vancouver or a new condo in Toronto? Condominiums in British Columbia as well as in Ontario are designed for easy and trendy living. There are so many benefits to living in a condominium from the elimination of yard work and upkeep to the varying benefits of living in a close neighbourhood; living within a new condo development geared towards your age group, financial bracket or lifestyle can provide potential years of enjoyment and friendship. With so many new condominium developments being constructed throughout British Columbia and Ontario, your choices are at an all-time high. Areas such as the lower mainland and Vancouver in BC are increasing in popularity at a rapid rate as well as the greater Toronto area and the Ottawa region in Ontario. By participating in your new condo development community and taking pride in your new home, both inside and out, you will be more likely to get the most out of the experience of living in a new condominium development.

One exciting part of moving into a new condominium is being able to make it your own; whether you choose to express yourself through colours on the walls or interesting furniture, there are endless ways to make your new home reflect your personality. One thing to keep in mind while decorating is space. As most new condominiums are more compact than single detached homes, maximizing the use of the space you have available can do wonders for creating the illusion of larger rooms.

Painting the walls in lighter colours is one way of opening a room as the lighter a room is, the larger it appears to be. By painting the ceiling a different colour from the walls, you will also break up the colour, adding depth and an open feeling. By painting the ceilings a clean white, the light will be better reflected, brightening smaller or larger rooms alike. Another option is to paint three walls one colour and then the fourth in a slightly lighter or slightly darker shade of the same colour. This will add some flavour to your new room without making it feel smaller. Wallpapering is another popular option; just be sure to go with a smaller pattern as using a large one may dwarf the room. Wallpapering could be done on one wall while the other three are painted for a more unique effect. Matching furniture colours to wall colours will also create the illusion of a larger space so consider painting wooden furniture the same as the walls or go for a monochromatic colour scheme; the tone-on-tone technique for painting, fabrics and patterns can give a soothing, space opening effect for any room. On the other side of this light and open decorating scheme, is the option of dark colours, dramatic lighting and soft furniture to turn any small space into a cozy nook that is all your own.

Adding light to a room can be done in many ways from painting the ceiling white to having light paint on the walls to maximize the light reflection. Consider different lighting options, such as lamps or track lighting, if your new condominium is in Vancouver, British Columbia as the winter months can be fairly dark whereas make the most use of windows in Toronto, Ontario where some winter sunshine can be taken advantage of. Uncover windows and use gauzy drapes to allow light in all the time, or add mirrors on walls to, again, reflect the rays. Play with mirrors by propping a large one up against a wall on an angle (be sure to properly attach the mirror to the wall to avoid accidents) or buy a few small mirrors and arrange them in an interesting pattern on a wall.

Minimizing the amount of furniture in each small space will give the feeling of openness. Painting the furniture the same colour as the walls will help it to stand out less and offer a less crowded feeling. Adding glass table tops to dining, side or coffee tables is another way to make furniture feel as though it disappears when the room is taken in. The farther you can see into a room, the larger it feels so by incorporating lower furniture that won’t block the view to windows and doors. Arranging the furniture to open up areas of floor is another great way to create more living space. Of course large pieces of furniture and accessories should be used as infrequently as possible and spaced throughout the rooms to avoid any visual obstruction or the appearance of clutter. Upholstering in plain or textured light colous rather than bold or vibrant prints will also minimize the look of furniture in a living room or bedroom.

In a smaller kitchen, take advantage of over the cabinet spaces for infrequently used items or decorations and consider hanging pots from a rack suspended from the ceiling. Using bowls or jars for cutlery, cooking utensils or spices can free up drawer space and create a unique look in the room.

However you decide to decorate, you shouldn’t be afraid to make it your own. By creating a functional space you are comfortable in, the size of the rooms will be the farthest thing from your mind as you lie back to relax in your new condo in Vancouver or Toronto or any of the surrounding areas you have chosen.


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