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The Loft Living Lifestyle

Lofts in Toronto and Vancouver have come a long way from just converted warehouses and storage facilities they now are one of the hottest and trendiest choices for a residence and have taken the market by storm.

Today, lofts are built for every type of home buyer in Canada. As demand continues its steady climb in BC and Ontario, interior designers and developers are letting the creative juices run wild to keep a fresh spin on this old style of living, turning what was once the slum into the sheik way of life.

Lofts in Vancouver or Toronto are growing in popularity as many of them make it possible to live comfortably without owning or driving a car. By developing lofts in convenient locations in major cities acoss Canada, the use of public transportation is more practical as it cuts down commuting times, traffic waits and eliminates the ever-increasing gas prices from the daily budget. As the population continues to increase downtown, practical amenities such as grocery stores are also finding their way into the city to add to the convenience of the residents of the downtown areas. Living in a loft right downtown also makes the cultural experience of city living accessible. Especially when living in Toronto or Vancouver, two cities known for their cultural diversity, living in the midst of concerts, theatres, museums, and general nightlife will increase your chances of participating in these activities.

With the open layouts, large windows and the urban setting, its easy to see why lofts are gaining so much popularity. Some things to look for in a loft may be high ceilings and few walls to increase the feeling of space and really get the loft experience. Authentic 19th century materials such as brick walls or hardwood floors can offer an older feel, giving your loft more character and style while a good location and floor plan that will be convenient for your way of life are other things to keep in mind while shopping for your new loft in Canada. The noise factor is also important as living in a space with high ceilings and hard floors as well as big windows can make small noises seem bigger. By looking for or adding materials that will absorb sounds such as wood ceilings or unfinished brick, you will decrease the echo while maintaining the loft look.

There are different types of lofts available on the market today in major cities around Canada; traditional lofts were built by converting old warehouses and industrial buildings mainly for the use of artists as the open spaces and few inside walls made it more practical for them to work on large pieces. Also called SOHO lofts, these traditional lofts are known for their few inside walls, open floor plans and large windows. One of the many appealing parts of living in a SOHO loft is the freedom of design. With few lines and walls to work with, defining your loft as your own can be done in as many different ways as you can imagine.

A soft loft allows for more freedom in the definition of loft by adding more defined spaces such as separate enclaves for bedrooms and more room separation in general than would be found in a traditional loft. Soft lofts may also have special features that may not be in traditional lofts such as floor to ceiling windows. Many soft lofts use the condominium ownership, but it is important to remember that although some lofts are condominiums, not all condominiums are lofts.

With so many options to choose from, enjoy the process of searching for your new loft in Vancouver or Toronto. The history of some buildings versus the new developments may present some tough decisions when it comes time to choose your new loft, but the style of living is unmatched and the convenience and culture of life downtown in a city such as Vancouver or Toronto will ease the stress of commuting and enrich your life with culture and style.


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