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  New Detached Homes in BC

Are there any new affordable detached homes available on the market? In a market mainly driven by condominium developments, finding an affordable detached house in BC doesnít always come easy.  Newly built detached houses in British Columbia and the Lower Mainland are out there, you just need to find them and youíll most likely find them outside the jurisdiction of Vancouver. Look towards Burnaby, Richmond, Langley and so forth.

There are a number of great developers building exceptional quality detached homes and communities throughout the lower mainland.  Take for example Southport by Parklane Homes. Southport is a waterfront community built by the Nico Wynd Golf course and by the Nicomekl River.  Parklane Homes specializes in building new detached homes and if you visit their website youíll notice that they have a number of current projects coming up.  There are a number of developers in BC that specializes in building new detached homes.  Prices range from $500,000 to well over $2 million.  

New families in Vancouver are now expecting to dwell in condominiums and developers are now designing more functional floor plans to accommodate family living.  But for some, condo living just isnít appealing or isnít an option.  There are new detached homes being built as we speak and some of the advantages of a new house greatly outweigh the benefits of a condo.  Who doesnít want more space? A garage you donít have to take stairs to get to and sound proof walls?  How about a nice backyard? You would be surprised at how affordable some new detached houses are out there Ė as long as youíre willing to live a little further out from the city.  

Whether it is a new condo, townhome or detached home, real estate in BC is still climbing.  If youíre looking to purchase a new house, the best time is now. In Ontario and Quebec, buying a new house is still fairly affordable due to land availability and supply.  We just donít have that luxury in BC.  With the strongest economy in the country and the highest housing prices around; donít expect prices to come down anytime soon.  If you have a growing family and condo living isnít what youíre looking for, living outside of the Vancouver jurisdiction may be your only option. With the average detached home coming in at just under 1 million in Vancouver, looking to buy a house in Surrey, Langley and the other Lower Mainland cities is the way to go.  Vancouver Island is also a great option.  Victoria still has a reasonable detached housing market and some of the best schools around.

If youíre looking to buy an affordable detached house and donít want to put any more money into renovations, then consider buying a new house. There are a number of new developments available in BC and the best time to buy is now!

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